Invited Speakers

Plenary Talk

  • 20-11  Super-depth optical imaging inside scattering media
                   using time-gated digital holographic microscopy
                   Wonshik Choi, Korea University, Korea,
  • 20-12  Coded Computational Photography,
                   Hajime Nagahara, Osaka University, Japan
  • Invited speakers from Korea

  • 19-02  Recent Researches in DOA Lab,
                   Sung-Wook Min, Kyung Hee University, Korea
  • 19-05  Rotation-invariant optical recognition
                   with the use of the method of synthesized phase objects
                   Jin-Tae Kim, Chosun University, Korea
  • 19-07  Metasurfaces for display devices,
                   Byoungho Lee, Seoul National University, Korea
  • 19-09  Metasurfaces for complex hologram generation and plasmonic vortex field manipulation,
                   Seung-Yeol Lee, Kyungpook National University, Korea
  • 19-12  Measurement and Evaluation of Table-top Electronic Holographic Display,
                   Jeho Nam, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea
  • 20-03  Experiments of chromatic and monochromatic aberrations compensation filter
                   for full-color optical scanning holography
                   Taegeun Kim, Sejong University, Korea
  • 20-06  Realization of a three-dimensional augmented reality display
                   based on an integral floating display with a geometric phase lens
                   Hee-Jin Choi, Sejong University, Korea
  • 20-08  Recent progress on full-color holographic display using HOE and CGH,
                   Nam Kim, Chungbuk National University, Korea
  • 21-03  Portable Holographic display,
                   Joonku Hahn, Kyungpook National University, Korea
  • 21-06  Non-hogel-based computer generated hologram from light field,
                   Jae-Hyeung Park, Inha University, Korea
  • 21-08  OpenHolo - Open Source Library for Hologram Computation,
                   Hoonjong Kang, Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Korea
  • Invited speakers from Japan

  • 19-01  Laser scanning microscopy with subdiffraction-limit pattern,
                   Yusuke Ogura, Osaka University, Japan
  • 19-03  High definition single pixel imaging,
                   Kouichi Nitta, Kobe University, Japan
  • 19-04  Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensing
                   based on pattern correlations and adaptive spot search
                   Yusuke Saita, Wakayama University, Japan
  • 19-06  Multimodal Digital Holographic Microscopy,
                   Xiangyu Quan, Kobe University, Japan
  • 19-08  Grating-aided single-shot phase-shifting incoherent digital holography,
                   Teruyoshi Nobukawa, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), Japan
  • 19-10  Polarization color and its applications,
                   Kenji Harada, Kitami Institute of Technology, Japan
  • 19-11  Pulse irradiation imaging system for hand-waving finger vein authentication,
                   Hiroyuki Suzuki, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  • 19-13  Computational simulation of the effect of interstitial Photodynamic therapy
                   for pretreatment planning
                   Takahiro Nishimura, Osaka University, Japan
  • 20-01  Holographic off-axis virtual-image display
                   and camera integrating blur-compensation systems
                   Tomoya Nakamura, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  • 20-02  Holographic femtosecond laser material processing,
                   Satoshi Hasegawa, Utsunomiya Unviersity, Japan
  • 20-04  Generalized Phase-shifting Digital Holography using Normalized Phase-shifted Holograms,
                   Nobukazu Yoshikawa, Saitama University, Japan
  • 20-05  Magnetic field imaging with micro mirror array,
                   Shuji Taue, Kochi University of Technology, Japan
  • 20-07  Ultrasonic Vibration Measurement by High-Speed Phase Imaging
                   based on Single-Shot Phase-Shifting Digital Holography
                   Takashi Kakue, Chiba University, Japan
  • 20-09  Nanoscale artifact metrics based on application of interferometric measurement,
                   Naoya Tate, Kyushu University, Japan
  • 20-10  Compound-imaging for forensic handwriting examination,
                   Yoshinori Akao, National Research Institute of Police Science, Japan
  • 21-01  3D trajectory of micro object in liquid
                   by parallel phase-shifting digital holographic microscope
                   Yasuhiro Awatsuji, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan
  • 21-02  Phase Imaging by In-Line Digital Holography with a Diffuser,
                   Takanori Nomura, Wakayama University, Japan
  • 21-04  Aerial Display for Biology,
                   Hirotsugu Yamamoto, Utsunomiya University, Japan
  • 21-05  Full-color 3D display system using high-speed binary phase modulation,
                   Osamu Matoba, Kobe University, Japan
  • 21-07  Digital Superresolution Interference Microscopy,
                   Yoshio Hayasaki, Utsunomiya Unviersity, Japan
  • Poster Presentations

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